What Are Ponderous Ponderings?

Posted on November 29, 2009


Warm Little Pond is a blog that features my ponderous ponderings.  So, what is a ponderous pondering, you ask?  Well, if something is ponderous it is said to be of great weight, or extremely heavy, such as a ponderous load to be carried.  When one ponders, one is mulling something over, or considering something deeply.  A ponderous pondering, then, is a term I have chosen for a short rant, or opinion piece, dealing with any subject I deem weighty enough for my consideration.  That may not be saying much, however, because my idea of a topic worthy of reflection may seem a trifle unimportant to you.  I encourage you to read on, and approach every entry with an open mind, despite a topic initially rubbing you the wrong way.  It is my hope that someone will find something of interest, but I am mainly writing for myself.  Putting my thoughts down in writing forces me to build arguments incrementally, ensuring that the logical foundation and ultimate conclusions are sufficiently cogent.


Colin Wright

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