New interview with Christopher Hitchens

Posted on January 29, 2011


As much as I find these interviews fascinating, I also find them difficult to watch.  Hitchens has been, and still remains, a great source of influence in my life.  As most of you probably know, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in the summer of 2010.  This is a great interview, which will bring you up to date with his current state.

I do not mean to sound the least bit preachy, but if you’re living, as Hitchens has called it, “the bohemian life style,” you may want to reflect on this man’s condition and consider the potential consequences.  Life is too fantastically amazing and brief to justify such destructive habits.  If you are not convinced of that fact, I can only leave you with the elegant phrasings of Richard Dawkins in an attempt to change your mind.

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