Bill Nye on evolution

Posted on February 6, 2011


Some of you may know that Science recently published an article claiming that biology teachers are almost completely incompetent, with only 28% being considered “effective educators with respect to evolution,” and a shocking 13% of teachers unabashedly supporting Creationism in the classroom.  This appalling statistic was presented to Bill Nye by Popular Mechanics, interested in his reaction.  Here’s what he said:

It’s horrible. Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back. And it’s fine if you as an adult want to run around pretending or claiming that you don’t believe in evolution, but if we educate a generation of people who don’t believe in science, that’s a recipe for disaster. We talk about the Internet. That comes from science. Weather forecasting. That comes from science. The main idea in all of biology is evolution. To not teach it to our young people is wrong.

Thank you Bill Nye, for having  a brain.  It has been said that “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”  This is as true a statement as has ever been uttered.  It would be like teaching a chemistry class without introducing the students to atomic theory.  Without evolution, biology is just a bunch of unrelated facts.  Biology is merely reduced to “stamp collecting” without the synthesizing and coherent organizing principle of common descent.

How can these people even claim to be educators?

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