Proof that scientists have a sense of humor

Posted on February 28, 2011


As some of you may already know from some of my previous posts, I sell a wide variety of books on, some of which I am ashamed shipped out under the Warm Little Pond sellers name.  I have recently acquired another interesting book, “Animals Without Backbones,” that has an even more interesting cover which is surefire proof that scientists have a good sense of humor.

I could have ended the post right here since, frankly, nothing more really needs to be said.  But on the off-chance my brain is more perverted than yours (I doubt it), I’ll describe what I see.

Firstly, who could possibly look at the cover of this book and not immediately think “HUGE COCK?”  It is rather blatantly obvious in its fully erect magnificence.  The fact that it has eyes somehow does nothing to dissuade me of its phallic nature, and may even enhance it in some bizarre way.  Many normal people may have stopped at the cock, failing to see anything else interesting in this picture, but once we have established the reality that there is a giant phallus in the center, corralling the other “invertebrates” into the circle of perversion is not too difficult.  Let’s focus on the creature on the upper right.

To the non perverse (none of you fall under this heading, I am sure), this creature appears to either be some sort of harmless sponge or amoeba happily dwelling among his invertebrate friends.  Now, as I lasso and drag our innocent friend into our circle of perversion, it quickly takes on a new form:  the gelatinous ejaculate of our engorged man-warrior.  You saw it, too, right?  Please tell me you saw it too…

Moving on, and this may be the largest stretch of our seemingly equally perverse hive-mind, we have what appears (again, to our clean-minded peers) to be a lovely sea anemone–a simple cnidarian, stinging tentacles and all.  However, in the context of our new cock-and-splooge duo, the sedentary anemone is quickly transformed into either a vagina or a cock-sleeve, I can’t decide which is a more apt description.  I think I lean more towards cock-sleeve, how about you?

The information in this tome is valuable, and it is a very serious textbook.  But how could one possibly read from this with knowledge of the sordid scene on the cover?  Everyone must have been in on this to get it published with that cover, or maybe it was originally distributed with a neutral dust-jacket, concealing its true naughty nature.  One can only ponder.  But there is something that we need not ponder for too long, and that is whether or not scientists have a killer sense of humor.

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