California is making strides in social change.

Posted on April 18, 2011


It appears that California’s state senate has passed a law that will require the teaching of gay history and rights.  The law is predicted to pass the assembly with ease, seeing as though it is controlled by the Democrats, and Governor Jerry Brown is also expected to sign it in to law.  A fleeting glance at the comment section of the above article is quite disturbing.  Here’s a sample of the Republican drivel (my bold):

Yesterday 11:39 PM

This the inevitable results of the socialist state usurping the rights of the parent. A ploy to control the masses used by other fascist movements like Nazi Germany , Communist China and the Soviet UnionIn a free society the educational system teaches a child how to think in a collectivist society the educational system teaches a child what to think.  The proletariats of California are now reaping the harvest of what they themselves have sown and Comrade Brown will sign it into law.

I think this guy watches too much Glenn Beck–he’s got Nazi tourettes.  This law in no way tells a child what to think.  It merely exposes them to the very real and tumultuous history of the LGBT community.  It seems as though this individual is against teaching that gays are people with rights.  By his logic he should be against teaching black history, too.

As I pointed out, the comments on the above article are absolutely ridiculous.  A lot of them say some variant of, “There is no such thing as gay history. There’s only history.”

They must be pretty dense to think that history can’t be split up into definite categories.  It’s like saying, “There’s no Civil War history. There’s just history” or “There’s no American history. There’s just history.”  They seem too incompetent to understand that history can be about certain things separate from the all-encompassing, broad subject we call HISTORY.

Cheers to California and the Democrats for signing something into law that will actually enrich our society in the future.  This is the reason I vote Democrat.  Never in our lives will you see Republicans put forth a law like this.  They are too busy trying to further limit the rights of minorities and other social classes.

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