Bill O’Reilly is still an idiot

Posted on April 26, 2011


Hey, check out this amazing intellectual discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Jack McKinney.  Geeze, they are sure talking about some pretty lofty stuff!

It’s a lot like having a discussion about unicorn anatomy when they still haven’t even demonstrated that unicorns in fact exist.  Bill-O still exhibits the intellectual prowess of a nudibranch with his insistence that the world would have absolutely no moral compass without belief in God and especially Hell.  This position is so intellectually weak that I almost feel bad destroying it.  Yeah, almost.  The idea that, without belief in a God and hell, society would run amok with people not able to distinguish right from wrong is absurd.  It is absurd because it completely robs religious people of genuine morality in place for some form of pseudomorality based on fear of punishment.  Is an act truly moral if the only reason you do it is to evade punishment?  No, of course it isn’t, and that’s why O’Reilly’s stance is completely bankrupt.

In addition, his reading of some modern view on whether or not Gandhi or infants go to hell is laughable.  He fails to realize that these ideas are not in the Bible, but reflect the ad hoc ideas of a bunch of theologians in a room deciding what they think is right.  The God of the Bible is perfectly clear what will be the fate of homosexuals.  They’re literally sitting around and deciding, “Gee, this sounds nice, I like that idea”, which clearly shows that what is considered right or wrong does not stem from God, since these theologians were able to come up with a consensus opinion that reflected their internal, innate sense of right and wrong void of any scriptural support.

These silly discussions about unicorn anatomy are ridiculous.  Bill actually “won” this argument by showing that McKinney believed in Heaven and not Hell, and therefore must accept a version of Heaven that includes mass murderers like Adolf Hitler.  It’s like McKinney postulated that unicorns didn’t necessarily have horns, and Bill-O wins the talking point when he points out that his unicorn is now only a horse.  Way to go Bill-O, you sure got him!

I’d also like to share a video of a friend of mine, who is very smart and has done some research regarding what the Bible actually says (or looks like doesn’t say) about Hell.  Skip to 4:05 if you want to get right to the lesson.  Go check out her YouTube channel, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.