Those thieving priests

Posted on April 30, 2011


It seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about some pastor stealing baby formula from underprivileged infants.  Oh, that’s because it was.  You see, these people commit crimes at such an amazing rate that I have difficulty in keeping up with them.  The reason I report these stories isn’t merely just to make fun of priests, but to show that, though they purport to be symbols of morality and discipline, they are merely people who folly just as much as everyone else.  What bothers me is that they put up this smoke-screen of superiority and are generally hypocritical in that they protest against acts that they themselves commit regularly.

Get a load of this.

The Rev. Kevin Gray, a Roman Catholic priest described by many as a pillar of the community, accepted a plea deal Wednesday in Waterbury Superior Court that will call for him to serve three years in prison.

But Gray, who authorities say stole more than $1 million from parish accounts to fund expensive dinners and male escorts, won’t have to pay a dime back to the church because the Archdiocese of Hartford isn’t asking for restitution, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Is it just me, or is it almost as predictable as the sunrise that those priests who most adamantly slam homosexuals are usually the ones who end up having their own homosexuality exposed?  I really don’t understand it; it must be a form of self-hate.  They are simply gay men who are raised in strict religious households.  When they discover that they are in fact gay, they have two options: (1) accept their homosexuality despite the disapproval of their religion and most likely their family, or (2) vehemently reject their identity and crusade against homosexuality.  In the end, however, they can’t change who they are.  And this usually ends up in them getting caught performing gay acts while attempting to conceal this identity.

I truly feel for them.  They have suppressed their identity so much, and never feel comfortable in their own skin.  I think this is an example, as Christopher Hitchens would say, of religion poisoning everything.

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