Harold Camping and other Doomsday wackos

Posted on May 23, 2011


It’s easy to make correct predictions if you’re an atheist–just say the complete opposite of a theist.  It’s astonishing how accurate your prophecies can be if you follow the above formula.  If some religious loon like Harold Camping predicts the rapture will happen on May 21, then I predict it will not happen on May 21.  Wow, this soothsaying business is a cinch!  Mr. Camping should revert to this tried-and-true atheist formula for predicting the future so he doesn’t have to do this when his predictions fail.

I almost feel bad for the old, frail man.  Yeah, almost, until you realize how many people bought into his bogus predictions and sunk their life-savings into warning people about Christ’s return, or even attempted to kill themselves and their own children in fear of the End Times like this mother did.

There is never a shortage of people prematurely pulling the fire alarm, as all those who have attended public schools know.  And Harold Camping is just one such malefactor.  Sadly, there is no shortage of End-Times enthusiasts, and we will all be bombarded with billboards next year when the 2012 folks get all antsy for the world to end.

Time for my atheist prediction!  I predict that the world WILL NOT end in the year 2012.  I realize that it’s a lot for me to put on the line, but just call it a hunch.  In fact, I think this cartoon represents more truth behind the Mayan calendar than what any 2012 Doomsdayer has come up with.

2012 Apocalypse Party anyone?