Michele Bachmann is an idiot

Posted on June 17, 2011


Michele “batshit” Bachmann is running for president.  This woman is more horrifying than Sarah Palin, and that’s truly saying something. Here’s Bachmann’s answer to the question, at the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Debate, “What 3 steps would you take to defund Obamacare and repeal it as soon as possible?”

So. . . I am still waiting for an answer.  What was that?  Huh?  Oh wait, you’re a frigging moron.  I forgot.

I really don’t understand the GOP.  I hear Fox News calling Bachmann a “fiscal conservative.”  Is all that you need to be a fiscal conservative these days is to object to raising taxes?  Republicans are all just talking heads.  It seems as if all Republican politicians are getting all their information from Fox News, too, like the rest of the Tea Party buffoons.  In fact, I didn’t hear one thing during the whole GOP debate that I haven’t heard Sean Hannity mindlessly assert.

I’d say, with the GOP candidates consisting of such goofballs, Obama is a shoe-in for 2012.

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