Michele Bachmann on evolution

Posted on June 19, 2011


As a follow-up to my last blog post “Michele Bachmann is an idiot,” I figured I would keep hammering away at her for her stupidity.  Anyone this stupid running for president needs to have their stupidity put on display as much as possible, for we all know that “news” programs such as Fox News fail to air any gaffes, or evidence of, that may lead one to conclude a Republican is a moron.

Bachmann certainly spews insane clap-trap, but now we know (as if anyone with a brain has ever seriously doubted) that she is for the teaching of Intelligent Design (ID) in science classrooms.  I know the video is from 2006, but it’s being more widely circulated now that she’s actually running for president.

“In questioning the idea of evolution, there is a controversy among scientists about whether evolution is a fact or not.  Patty has reached the conclusion that evolution is a fact.  There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in Intelligent Design.”

Intelligent Design is NOT science.  Not even close.  It is merely an attempt to get God–the “Intelligent Designer”–into the science curriculum.  The concept is based on some miasmic notion that complexity somehow necessitates that there be an intelligent agent lurking behind the scenes.  This is not the case; complexity doesn’t suggest the existence of a designer.  Complexity and design are two wholly independent things.  The waves and ripples on the surface of a pool are immensely complex, yet nobody in their right mind would say that this complex system is designed.  And we know perfectly well that things that are designed by an intelligent agent, such as the Nike “Swoosh” logo, to use P.Z. Myers’ example, are not necessarily complex.

What Michele Bachmann is displaying is an inability to think critically, but also a penchant for lying and conjuring up false statistics.  She said that “hundreds and hundreds” of scientists believe in ID, “many” of whom are Nobel laureates.  Hogwash.  Would she care to name a few?  I can, however, cite at least 38 Nobel laureates who support evolution and condemn ID, since it is that many who signed this letter to the Kansas State Board of Education.

Her inability to think is most likely the result of being credulous in the extreme, seeing everything through the murky goggles of religion.  Some words of advice, Bachmann:  Go read a science textbook.  Your pastor isn’t a reliable wellspring of information regarding science.

If this woman becomes president, which I find nearly impossible, I am moving to Canada.  Whose with me, eh?