Stop Supporting the Pope

Posted on October 19, 2015


The American left has been having a love affair with pope Francis, and it’s time to stop. Francis has proven to be an objectively better person than pope Ratzinger, but that bar was set extremely low to begin with. Francis has come out saying some hopeful words about the treatment of gays, and has voiced concerns about global warming. He is without question more innocuous than many other Cardinals that were in contention for the papacy. But no matter what opinions are expressed by the current pope, or any pope for that matter, the pope should be condemned and ignored into obscurantism. Why? Because the concept of a pope in the first place is an affront to human dignity.

We shouldn’t support the institution of a pope for the same reasons we don’t support absolute monarchs based on arbitrary qualifications such as bloodline. Sure, sometimes you get a good leader that makes you almost happy they have so much power, but that is offset in the times where you have less virtuous people at the helm making consequential decisions for an entire religion. In modern times we have outgrown these systems, which are what Dan Carlin of Hardcore History refers to as “roll-of-the-dice monarchs.” In modern society, we realize that power should not be so concentrated, but rather should be spread over multiple branches of government. The pope is a callback to these pre-modern systems of leadership, and it is extremely damaging.

Applauding the pope damages humanity. His success brings in more supporters and revenue and influence to the Catholic Church. By embracing the pope, you are de facto embracing the institution, making it stronger, and giving power to future popes that may not be so innocuous. Leaders need to earn the right of influence before being embraced. Ideally, people expressing good ideas articulately and powerfully would rise to the top, and gain influence by their merits. The papacy side steps this natural process, and instead arbitrarily foists a new old white man on the rest of the world when the previous one either dies or steps down. Once a new pope emerges, we all have to hold our breath and wait to see just how awful the new pope is.

The papacy needs to end, as it is founded on one big fallacy—the argument from authority. Once we admit this, and admit that it is wrong, we can start evaluating ideas and allowing them to rise or fall based on their own merit, rather than arbitrarily on the person who happens to voice them. If you care about humanity, then stop supporting pope Francis, or any future pope for that matter.

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