Solidarity doesn’t cost anything

Posted on February 27, 2016


To me, the most devious aspect of the Regressive Left is the fact that they refuse to stand in solidarity with the secularists, feminists, homosexuals, and freethinkers within the Muslim world. If the victims of these crimes were to reside in the West, the outrage would be tremendous. However, when it is perpetrated against brown people on the other side of the world, many liberals gutlessly look the other way. Instead, many leftists cozy up with powerful and repressive theocrats, insisting that any Western criticism of their actions is tantamount to racism and bigotry.

In the video below, this woman, Deeyah Khan, tells her story of how the Left abandoned her when she needed their support the most. She is an extremely strong person, and heroically brave given the fact that there are many people out there who threaten her with credible threats of death and violence. In this video, she voiced something very powerful: solidarity doesn’t cost anything. Standing up for human rights in the Muslim world, and giving those oppressed and silenced by these repressive regimes a voice, doesn’t mean we support military intervention and doesn’t make us bigots. All we need to do is stand in solidarity with these progressive Muslim voices, and use our rights to protected free speech to amplify the voices of those who have no such right, and would face violence or death for doing what we take for granted in the West: speaking up.