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Investigating Woo: Spring Forest Qigong “research”

October 29, 2011


Originally posted on An American Atheist. This is a follow-up to my previous post investigating a study from the Mayo Clinic in collaboration with the University of Minnesota claiming that external qigong, a form of ancient Chinese medicine, is an effective treatment for chronic pain.  My critique apparently got on the nerves of at least […]

Lottery converts atheist to Catholicism!

June 1, 2011


Guess what!?  God finally presented evidence for His existence to an atheist!  I know, right–pretty amazing, huh?  Yeah, and apparently He decided that the best way to go about presenting evidence of His existence was to make some religious woman win the lottery!  Wow, what a truly novel and great way to show He cares […]

Noah’s Ark Truth

May 27, 2011


And people actually believe this stuff.  A lot of people, too.  When debating Christians at Sierra College I found that, when directly asked, most Christians believe in either the literal Noah’s Ark Biblical account, or some strange variation of a global flood.  Facepalm. For a great thrashing of flood geology I recommend chapter three of […]

Why Harold Camping isn’t much crazier than your average evangelical Christian

May 27, 2011


I saw this over at Pharyngula first, and couldn’t help but post it here. People commonly criticize Harold Camping as being a quack, and they should.  I find it funny however that religious people also consider Mr. Camping to be a quack, since they believe in all the same bullshit he does, the only difference […]

May 21st was “an invisible judgement day”

May 24, 2011


Harold Camping has now officially come out with a statement about why the world didn’t end two days ago on May 21, the day he guaranteed the rapture would take place.  His excuse?  Apparently May 21 was an invisible judgement day. . . Saturday was “an invisible judgment day” in which a spiritual judgment took […]

Harold Camping and other Doomsday wackos

May 23, 2011


It’s easy to make correct predictions if you’re an atheist–just say the complete opposite of a theist.  It’s astonishing how accurate your prophecies can be if you follow the above formula.  If some religious loon like Harold Camping predicts the rapture will happen on May 21, then I predict it will not happen on May […]

Bill O’Reilly is still an idiot

April 26, 2011


Hey, check out this amazing intellectual discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Jack McKinney.  Geeze, they are sure talking about some pretty lofty stuff! It’s a lot like having a discussion about unicorn anatomy when they still haven’t even demonstrated that unicorns in fact exist.  Bill-O still exhibits the intellectual prowess of a nudibranch with his […]