Profiling Muslims: Sam Harris vs. PZ Myers

June 2, 2012


Originally posted on An American Atheist For those not fully informed, there is some dialogue between some high profile atheists (Sam Harris and PZ Myers) regarding profiling Muslims at the airport. Sam Harris recently wrote an article on his blog suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that we should be profiling Muslims for screening before boarding […]

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Haeckel’s Embryos and Theistic Idiocy

February 23, 2012


Originally posted on An American Atheist. I am not sure if Creationists will ever stop beating this dead horse. For whatever reason, WordPress is not allowing me to embed a video as it did on An American Atheist.  Please watch the video located HERE, and then continue reading. Many theists, such as those involved in […]

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The History and Conservation of the Florida Panther

December 18, 2011


 A brief history of conservation The Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) represents the last subspecies of puma occurring in the eastern United States.  It consists of a single, small, relictual subpopulation of the wide-ranging puma (Puma concolor) in southern Florida and has been of great concern to conservationists since 1958, when the Florida Fish and […]

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Why do Catholics believe in evolution?

November 9, 2011


Originally posted on An American Atheist. I first asked myself the above question when I attended a summer evolution institute at the University of California, Berkeley, titled “Think Evolution,” which consisted of a series of crash courses in current, frontier research in the field of evolution.  I received many amazing lectures from leading scientists in […]

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Investigating Woo: Spring Forest Qigong “research”

October 29, 2011


Originally posted on An American Atheist. This is a follow-up to my previous post investigating a study from the Mayo Clinic in collaboration with the University of Minnesota claiming that external qigong, a form of ancient Chinese medicine, is an effective treatment for chronic pain.  My critique apparently got on the nerves of at least […]

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The arrogant atheist

September 28, 2011


Originally posted on An American Atheist. “Atheists are so arrogant!” This phrase can frequently be heard on the lips of religious people.  What this accusation really boils down to is the fact that atheists, when speaking on various topics, either claim to know something based on evidence, or remain hesitant to make affirmative claims until […]

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Creation “Museum” opens in San Diego County

September 26, 2011


Originally posted on An American Atheist. Creation “Museums” are popping up like toadstools all over the country, the latest of which has sprouted in San Diego County, California, and appears to be wasting no time in its effort to lower the nation’s collective IQ through its administering of antiquated blarney, despite the fact that their […]

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