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Does Atheism Have a Burden of Proof?

December 18, 2012


Originally posted on An American Atheist. All too often, arguments between theists and atheists end up with theists demanding that atheists disprove God. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like too much to ask, since atheists constantly ask for theists to prove that there is a God. If atheists can’t prove that there isn’t a […]

Shelly Kagan demolishes William Lane Craig

June 26, 2011


I recently posted a debate between William Lane Craig and Bart Ehrman arguing contesting the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection.  Ehrman clearly came out on top, arguing that since an historian can only piece together the most probable account of the past, and that miracles are by definition the least probable thing that can happen, then […]

Michele Bachmann is an idiot

June 17, 2011


Michele “batshit” Bachmann is running for president.  This woman is more horrifying than Sarah Palin, and that’s truly saying something. Here’s Bachmann’s answer to the question, at the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Debate, “What 3 steps would you take to defund Obamacare and repeal it as soon as possible?” So. . . I am still […]

New Debate: Is there an afterlife?

February 27, 2011


This is one of the better debates I have seen in a good while.  Sam Harris is as sharp as ever with his replies and adept ability to strip any argument down to its frail foundation.  Sam was good, but he was outshined this time by Christopher Hitchens who, in his dwindling health, hit home […]