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Sam Harris needs to publish his conversation with Omer Aziz

March 7, 2016


On December 27, 2015, Yale law student Omer Aziz wrote an article for Salon blasting Sam Harris. In this article, Aziz ranted and rambled endlessly about Harris without pausing for breath. He demonstrated that he was unfamiliar with Harris’ actual views and, like so many others on the Regressive Left, decided to hold Harris accountable […]

Solidarity doesn’t cost anything

February 27, 2016


To me, the most devious aspect of the Regressive Left is the fact that they refuse to stand in solidarity with the secularists, feminists, homosexuals, and freethinkers within the Muslim world. If the victims of these crimes were to reside in the West, the outrage would be tremendous. However, when it is perpetrated against brown […]

Islamophobia and the Regressive Left: a Discussion

November 8, 2015


I rarely get into discussions on social media about atheism or politics. I usually try to avoid them. However, every once in a while something will get posted by a friend or acquaintance that is so fractally wrong and dangerous that I simply cannot refrain from commenting. I have absolutely no tolerance for the attempt […]

Book Review: Islam and the Future of Tolerance

October 14, 2015


Sam Harris is a highly polarizing figure that people usually associate with controversy. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinions on controversial subjects such as religion, terrorism, the ethics of torture, nuclear war, gun control, morality, and free will to name a few. Harris views these hot-button topics as some of the most important obstacles […]

Sam Harris clarifies his stance on torture

April 29, 2011


Sam Harris is a mental force of rationalism in the highest degree.  I strain to disagree with this man on everything he writes, and I find myself unable to do so.  A possible exception to this rule may be his analogy of morality to a 3D landscape that he argued in his latest book, The […]

The Biggest Lapses In Reasoning of Azeem Ibrahim

November 16, 2010


Azeem Ibrahim, a research fellow at Harvard Kenny School’s International Security Program has recently published an article in the Huffington Post describing “The Biggest Lies About Islam” that are supposedly told and perpetuated by the Western media.  Oh my, this article is a wellspring of cloudy reasoning.  Azeem is bending so far over backwards to […]